Fertility Testing & Enhancement

Fertility Testing

Infertility can be a very traumatic and depressing experience for many men trying to build a family. As we age, our testosterone levels decline and so do the amount of sperm we produce.

Alpha Medical specializes in fertility testing for men. One of the most critical aspects in determining a man’s fertility is to simply do a sperm analysis. This is where fertility testing starts, in addition to comprehensive lab testing to determine the overall health of a man. The process is simple and noninvasive!

Infertility Treatment & Enhancement

Treatment for low fertility in men is straightforward. After the cause is determined, then treatment can be started. Treatment for low fertility in men focuses around increasing a male’s sperm count by stimulating the testicles to produce more sperm. One of the fortunate side effects of this is that the man’s testosterone levels increase as well. What does this cause? An increase in libido! And we all know what that leads to!

Alpha Medical specializes in the treatment of decreased fertility in men.

If you are experiencing issues conceiving a child with your partner, then schedule an appointment with the experienced medical team at Alpha Medical. We will first determine the cause of the infertility and then tailor a specialized treatment plan to enhance your fertility!