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What to expect at your first visit.

The first visit to a men’s health clinic can be intimidating for a lot of guys. It is totally understandable to be uncomfortable discussing health and sexual issues with a complete stranger. We get it, but this is what we specialize in. Your first visit will be a comfortable and non-judgmental one, we guarantee it!

So what can you expect during your first visit? After filling out a detailed health questionnaire and having vital signs performed, the visit will start with a physical exam and medical history asking general questions inquiring about your overall health. These include questions about your energy levels, sex drive, exercise tolerance, erection quality, physical performance, etc… These questions are key in determining the etiology of your symptoms, being low testosterone, thyroid issues, and other ailments. Thus it is important to be as honest as possible.

Once the exam and history are complete, we will review the blood work that was performed the week prior. Each lab will be discussed and reviewed with you. These labs include comprehensive metabolic function, thyroid function, testosterone levels, vitamin D levels, and multiple other ones. Our goal is to determine if testosterone replacement therapy is a right fit for you and to ensure that you have no other medical problems.

If you are a candidate for treatment, various treatment options will be discussed including testosterone replacement therapy and growth hormone optimization. We want any treatment decision to be a mutual one and that you understand the risks and benefits of treatment. After you have discussed and asked questions with us, we can start treatment the same day often times. 

If you opt to go with injections, which is the recommended and preferred option, we ensure that you understand how to do it safely and supervise the first injection with you. Many patients are hesitant to inject themselves at first, but after doing it a few times, it really is just like brushing your teeth. We want to make sure you feel comfortable doing this, so if you need to come in a couple more times for your injections, you are more than welcome to.

Other patients prefer topical cream which is an effective option. This route requires a special order from a compounding pharmacy and can take up to a week to start though.

Our protocol is to schedule your first follow up visit 8-12 weeks after your initial visit. This is to ensure treatment safety and to adjust your dose as needed. If you are having any side effects, these can be addressed as well even though you can call us anytime if issues arise.

The first visit is usually very straight forward and many men comment on how painless it was and that they worried for nothing. We strive to make each visit comfortable and personal. If you are interested in an evaluation, please call our office today for an appointment!

Justin Montgomery, NP

Clinical Director, Alpha Medical